The Ninja Mindset

Change is the only constant in our lives.


Today, we’re dealing with more change than ever, because of rapidly-developing new technologies. Augmented reality, Bitcoin, artificial intelligence, bio tech… can you still keep up?


If we are unable to adapt quickly to the new situations and environments caused be these developments, we risk moving too slow while being surpassed by everyone else.


In the worst case scenario, you’d become a nobody. Unable to keep up with change. Paralyzed by the overload of constantly new information.


But… you could also use this continuous and rapid change to your advantage: in fact, it could be your super power! With you being way ahead of the curve; seizing opportunities and swinging around problems, when others aren’t even aware of them yet.


All of us can be Agile Ninjas: able to adapt quicker and better than anyone else.


And these Ninjas… they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ninjas are Agile

The Ninja Mindset is closely related to the Agile Mindset. Its values and principles are rooted in the Agile Manifesto, which are at the core of everything Ninjas do. Ninjas don’t simply practice Scrum, Kanban or Lean: they do so in the most Agile way possible. They live it. 

Mindset Results

Adapt quickly

Ninjas can quickly overcome problems and seize new opportunities

Maximize value

Ninjas always have the customer and final product or service in mind

Constantly improve

Ninjas act, evaluate and improve constantly to be their absolute best

Always have fun

Ninjas have fun because of their focus on people, ownership and passion