Why I love Chiang Mai, Thailand: Top 10

Of all the places that I travelled to as a digital nomad, I stuck around in Chiang Mai the longest.

I sometimes call it the “digital nomad capital of the world” and that’s for good reason. It’s absolutely awesome for work and travel!


Want more info? Then I have a present for you…

Chiang Mai is so awesome, in fact, that I wrote a FREE ebook about it!

It has all the tips, tricks and things I wish I had known before I first went to Chiang Mai. That way, I hope to make it a little easier for aspiring digital nomads to take the leap… and just go! And of course, if you just want to travel somewhere cool, this ebook will help you too; with my favourite restaurants, activities and more.

You can download my Chiang Mai ebook here. It’s totally free (no email required).


Hope to see you there!

Chiang Mai has become my home away from home and I hope that through my video and ebook, you’ll soon get a chance to experience it as well.

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, I’ll see you there soon!