About Marc

My name is Marc and I used to be far from a ninja.


I grew up as the tallest guy in a small village down south in the Netherlands. Together with my younger brother, cousin and two very loving parents: my dad who’s a tough construction worker and works harder than anyone I’ve ever met, and my mom who’s incredibly caring but often paralyzed by her own thoughts.


Just like my mom, I’m a born perfectionist. I’m naturally inclined to plan, and analyze endlessly, often giving up before I even started. Of course, a mindset like that can be incredibly destructive, especially in today’s rapidly-changing world where your ability to act and adapt quickly determines your success.


In fact, once I first attended to university, my obsessive perfectionism led me into long, downward spiral of doubt, analysis paralysis, and misery. Nothing seemed to be able to live up to my “perfect” standards; not even my lifelong dream of becoming an architect. So I quit.


For years, I tried to find answers to questions like: Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What are my passions? What gives me energy? What makes me happy? But it only led to more doubt, more dissatisfaction with my life… and more sticky notes. I was stuck in inaction. Like a rock that can’t move, no matter how much it wants to.


Until one day I decided: no more!

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Soon, I went from endless analysis to action. From planning to experimenting. And from finding excuses not to do things, to saying ‘yes’ and trying out everything.


I did countless internships, moved to Hong Kong, and to Sweden not long after. I started several businesses along the way, and I learned. I learned so much.


For one, I learned how amazing it can be to fail. But I also learned that finishing imperfect things can be even more satisfying than finishing perfect things. And you can finish so much more! Without realizing it, I was teaching myself how to be the most Agile me. Or, as I like to call it: the Ninja Mindset.


I’ve been able to apply and develop this mindset in a wide range of environments. As an entrepreneur, colleague, mentor, friend and consultant. But most importantly… I’m living it.


As a digital nomad, I travel to new places constantly, which means responding and adapting all the time while still running my business successfully. How I make it work? My mindset. It’s insanely powerful and I want everyone around the world to experience the immense, positive change it can bring to both your work and life.


Join me on my journey. It’s only just beginning!