Marc Rodan - Think like a Ninja
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Succeed in today’s fast-changing world

Think like
a Ninja

I transform people and businesses

Augmented reality, Bitcoin, artificial intelligence, bio tech… can you still keep up? The world is changing faster every day. And if you want to stay relevant, you don’t have a choice but to change with it. But change is damn hard! It’s not just about learning to use new tools or technologies. It requires a different mindset: the mindset of an Agile ninja.


Now, I’m not an actual ninja (sorry!), but my entire life has led up to thinking like one. It started with me being a small-town boy, wanting a better and different life than everyone around him. Then I developed myself as an entrepreneur in both failed and successful startups, while also having transformed big organizations as an Agile consultant. Currently, I’m a digital nomad: working and living in the most Agile way while travelling the world.


I’ll show you the tools, habits and mindset of a millennial, Agile Ninja: everything you need to be the best you in today’s fast-changing, digital and ever-crazier world.

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